New Jersey Storm Reports

Here you can send a storm report to the National Weather Service.. Accurate storm reports are greatly appreciated.

ONLY send your report if it qualifies under one of the parameters below:

  • Tornadoes
  • Funnel Clouds
  • Wall Clouds
  • Winds in excess of 58 MPH
  • Wind Damage (trees down, powerlines down, structural damage, etc..)
  • Hail of any size
  • Rain in excess of 1 inch per hour
  • Flooding
  • Coastal Flooding (particularly if there is no watch or warning in effect)
  • Snow in excess of 2 inches
  • Any ice accumulation
  • Tsunami

Note: Lightning is not a reportable severe weather parameter.

National Weather Service in Upton, NY

Use the link above to report severe weather ONLY if you live in one of the following counties: In NORTH-EAST NEW JERSEY: Essex, Hudson, Union, Bergen, Eastern Passaic, Western Passaic. Residents of the New York City area and Long Island can also send their reports to the link above.

**New** You could now post your report on Upton's official Facebook timeline - Here

National Weather Service in Mount Holly, NJ

Use the link above for the rest of NEW JERSEY. (all of Central and Southern New Jersey, North-West New Jersey) Residents of SOUTH-EAST PENNSYLVANIA and DELAWARE may also send their reports here.

**New** You could now post your report on Mount Holly's official Facebook timeline - Here

If your storm report is published. It will be viewable on one of the 5 links below:

NWS Mount Holly, NJ Local Storm Reports
NWS Mount Holly, NJ Public Information Statement (snow totals)
NWS Upton, NY Local Storm Reports
NWS Upton, NY Public Information Statement (snow totals)
Combined LSR and PNS reports for New Jersey

Even if your storm report is not published, it will still be saved for training purposes.